Sophie has been a client of mine for 2 months now. She turns up to every single session, sometimes tired, sometimes ready, sometimes not keen and sometimes ready to go. Nonetheless, she turns up! 
Sophie’s overall goal was to lose weight, she has the strength, it was just a matter of learning form, technique, and getting those dreaded HIIT sessions in 😂 (sorry Soph).
We took her progress measurements the other day and we just about shed a tear 🥺 Sophie has done amazingly well in 2 months and I’m so proud of her I just had to share her progress with you all! Sophie has lost 8kg and a total of 45cm in body mass! 🤩
Here is what Sophie has to say:
“So for a long time I haven't felt comfortable in my own body because of how much I weighed.  I tried to do it all on my own and I came to a point where that wasn't enough anymore and I needed help. I’m very happy to have found Erica who loves to push me out of my comfort zone and sets sessions up to help with what I want to achieve. I've never been one to want to work out but since I started with Erica it’s changed my mindset and now I enjoy it even though I complain, I absolutely love it!”
I am SO proud of you Sophie 🤍