Rangi completed my very first 6 week booty challenge and won! Her overall goal was to lose fat. Rangi ended up losing 4kg and lost 50.9cm in body mass! Her body fat percentage also dropped by 5.1%. She done an amazing job.
Here is what Rangi had to say about her journey with this challenge:
“I now feel that exercise has become a part of my life. Working out has become a place for me to work on myself, physically and mentally. I wasn't comfortable with going to the gym at first but have found it quite therapeutic now. I found it exciting to be starting a new journey without adding too much pressure on myself to be a certain weight.
I've learned that this journey isn't 6 weeks, but the rest of my life. This challenge has provided me with the knowledge around the science behind food to the technique of squats which I can hold in my kete for a very long time. My Husband has now jumped on the waka into living a more healthy and sustainable life which benefits our tamariki which I am grateful for! This challenge has helped me, and my body get into a routine where working out has just become a habit which feels amazing!
At the start of the challenge, I was dreading going to the gym fearing what others thought of me and would judge me. But the more I went I noticed that I was engaging myself more into my workouts, that I just didn't care about all that stuff anymore! I loved how this challenge had helpful resources or guides for those completing the challenge (ERF Forum and Spotify playlists). It was cool to see all the ladies in the forum participating in discussions and how sore we were lol!
I thought your execution was on point and very well thought out, the resources were informative and you were very approachable. I didn’t feel like ‘another client’. Overall I would love to do another challenge with you!”