I’ve been vegan since March 2016 & as you can imagine I’ve learnt a lot about food. I adapted to a new lifestyle with an open, eager mind & full heart.

I educated myself to a point where I have a healthy relationship with food & started to feel confident in sharing some recipes to my stories!

Whenever I share what I’m cooking or baking I always get such a positive response which triggered me a few months ago to think ‘Maybe I should start a vegan cooking series?’ I’ve doubted myself everyday since then that I could ever do that because of a fear of putting myself out there. But I came to realise 2 things - 1: Fear is the poison of what keeps us from pursuing our dreams & 2: It would be selfish of me to withhold my knowledge from you all who I know are as curious as I once was.

So here it is! KAITIPU. Every week or 2 I will upload a new vegan recipe in the form of a ‘cooking show onto my Instagram’. I don’t have a high end set up or flash software but I do have the means to still put it out there. I will be cooking & baking both macro-friendly food & everyday food. Since being passionate about both health & fitness & having a large fitness based following I thought would be appropriate with macro-friendly options. Who knows, it might even inspire people who want to get into fitness to ask questions. On top of this, I will be adding the recipe and instructions right here on my website in my blog, click here!

So why Kaitipu? Tipu means growth, to prosper, to spring. Whereas Kai means food, to consume, to nourish. I thought this appropriate given the word Tipu can encompass growth in a lot of different ways. Growth as in eating plants/fruit/vegetables grown and sprung from the earth, from Papatūānuku. Growth in knowledge and understanding. Growth in your own self.

Mo te Papa, Ma to Hauora, Mo nga Kararehe.