Janakah completed my first ever 6 week booty challenge with a fat loss goal.

In 6 weeks, Janakah lost a total of 23cm in body mass, dropped 3kg and dropped her body fat % by 3,6%! Her waist, legs, back and booty have seen some amazing change as well as her outlook on health and fitness. Amazing girl!

Here is what Janakah has had to say about the challenge so far:

“I enjoyed so many things about this challenge. I enjoyed the workouts that are glute/leg focused and the variety of workouts for these muscle groups. I previously had little knowledge on workouts that were lower body based so I would skip leg day which of course did not help with my self-confidence.

I enjoyed the challenge that comes with each day’s work out. Not knowing how a specific exercise will work specific muscle groups or just trying a new workout in general is really exciting for me! It challenged me mentally, physically and emotionally. The challenge helped me to learn the limits that my own mind and own body could go to. I was then able to push past those limits and excel in what I had previously thought wasn’t possible for myself. 

I've found this 6 week challenge not only rewarding but absolutely bomb!  

Would recommend to everyone, 10/10, the overall experience and support throughout the challenge was the best! Can't stress it enough, everyone HAS to do it. Your life will change for the better."