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To all my love birds reading this right now, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!


Today is a day to celebrate LUUUURVE. Today is all about roses, and chocolates, and teddy bears, and dinner dates, and movies and candles and all things that make you swoon. Today is for your partner, your friends, your family, your animal friends, your family and friends who have passed, WHOEVER it is that mean something to you.


Or is it? What about all the other 364 days of the year? Why just one day? I believe in showing your love for those who matter every single day. There shouldn’t have to be one day a year where it’s ‘normal’ to buy ‘things’, post appreciative posts and pictures, and plan dinners or trips with or for your loved ones. I believe that valentine’s day is everyday with Trent, we don’t like to fall for the gimmicky V-Day norms, we don’t even celebrate the day as a couple (buzz killer over here)! I literally just got home from getting my lashes done and he’s at the gym. But for real, we’re both so content in our relationship that we don’t believe in this one day a year where we do something nice for one another because he is my gift, and that for me is enough.


But showing love for the ones who are close to you isn’t where it should stop. You can show it to others as well, even to people you don’t know.


I logged into my Facebook this morning and a memory popped up from today’s valentine’s day 2 years ago. My friend Kelsey and I went and visited the hospital in Hastings and delivered Kelsey’s amazing cupcakes to all the nurses, mummy’s and daddy’s who were in the neonatal ward. My valentine’s day in 2016 was spent putting smiles on these peoples faces who were having a hard time in their life, caring for their premature babies, not knowing what tomorrow will bring. My sister’s first baby was 10 weeks premature, so to see all the nurses who cared for my now 5 year old niece (or 5 and 3/4 as she’d say) and make their day, made MY day! Valentine's day can go beyond the love you have for your partner. Sometimes giving love and a 'sweet' distraction from reality to those people who are struggling can fill your soul more than a box of chocolates can.


Reach out to those who need love, extend your gratitude to those outside the circle.


SO! Because I love all of you who have supported me and have been there for me through my phases of up’s and down’s, side to side’s (sung in an Ariana grande voice, duh) and for your all round rad-ness, I want to show my love and thanks to you by holding a wee V-DAY GIVEAWAY! SO! Here’s how it’s gon’ go down…


  1. Go to my Instagram page @ericaransfield and look for the picture I used for this blog post.
  2. Tag a friend in the comments
  3. That’s it! Enter as many times as you’d like.

PRIZE: 1 set of booty Bands by Erica and an EHPLabs shaker! 

This is open to all NZ and AUS residents only. Winner drawn on Wednesday 21 February, 2018. I’ll announce the winner on my insta story.


Good luck, and happy valentine’s day darlings!


Lots of love, Erica xx

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