In December 2018, myself and my good friend Georgia had the amazing opportunity to model for Tammy Hembrow's athleisure line, Saski Collection, in the Gold Coast!

Saski put out a casting call and they were on the hunt for 4 girls and their best friend to join them on their #saskigirl campaign. I forced Georgia to enter with me and we were chosen. It was such an amazing day and the Saski team knew how to hold a photoshoot. I have always admired Tammy and her work ethic. So to finally be able to meet her and work for her was a truly humbling experience that I will be grateful for forever.

If you really want something, even if it seems too big, go for it anyway! Never say no, and always take up opportunities as they present themselves! The worst that could happen is you get told no. But the best that could happen...oh the best will happen.

Thank you Saski Collection for having us x

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