Today’s Kaitipu recipe is...wait for it...OREO PEANUT BUTTER VEGAN PIE! 🤤😍 So simple, and 100% worth it 🍫 It’s texture and creamy layers are just out of this world you wouldn’t even believe it’s VEGAN! Ingredients and instructions below 👇🏽

For the pie:
🌱2 packets of Oreo’s
🌱1/4 cup dairy free butter (olivani)
🌱1/2 cup smooth peanut butter
🌱1/4 cup cocoa
🌱1 cup icing sugar
🌱1 cup coconut cream
For the topping:
🌱1 can coconut cream (chilled overnight)
🌱1/2 tsp vanilla essence
🌱Icing sugar (to taste)
🌱optional: grated chocolate
🌱Blend Oreos into a fine crumble. Melt butter and pour both into a mixing bowl, stirring to create the base. Add mixture to cake tin and set aside in the freezer while you make the centre of the pie.
🌱Mix peanut butter, coconut cream, cocoa and icing sugar together until it is smooth and pour over the Oreo base. Set aside in the fridge until the pie has set firm enough to add the whipped cream on top.
🌱Scrape the coconut cream off the top of the chilled can making sure to avoid the water. Add the cream a to mixing bowl with vanilla essence and whip the cream for 1-2 minutes. Add icing sugar to taste and continue whipping until the cream is firm and peaky.
🌱Spread cream on top of the pie, chill for another 5-10 minutes before serving 🤤🍫 I hope you enjoy!

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